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  • Gifts and Graces | Fall 2021

    Gifts and Graces | Fall 2021

      I have a long history of believing the way it is today is the way it always will be. This is especially true when I find myself traveling tough terrain but it spills over into easy stretches, too. Maybe you can identify.  As a mindset, it doesn’t serve well. It isn’t true, no matter {Continue Reading}Read More »
  • Choosing an Adventurous Life

    Choosing an Adventurous Life

    Two Octobers ago, I paused on the bank of the Gardner River and wondered just exactly why I would choose to be standing there in a swimsuit in twelve-degree air. We’d been there before–at least, my husband, two older kids, and I had. At that particular stretch of the Gardner, runoff from a distant thermal {Continue Reading}Read More »
  • How to Guard Your Heart

    How to Guard Your Heart

    A long, long time ago—forty years last month—my parents took my little brother and me to Yellowstone. If you’ve read around here long, you know my life has never been the same. (Thank you, Mom and Dad.) One of the sights I most remember from that first visit is Morning Glory Pool. Even at twelve, {Continue Reading}Read More »
  • One Easy Way to Miss Your Life

    One Easy Way to Miss Your Life

    We walked out of the bustling hotel lobby into the stillness of a crisp mountain morning. It was the end of September, well into the annual elk rut. Gone was the previous evening’s circus of bull-horn-brandishing rangers trying to keep space between territorial bulls and camera-wielding tourists. This new day was calm and quiet.  My {Continue Reading}Read More »
  • The Real Risk of Rushing

    The Real Risk of Rushing

    Between the morning’s family-friendly hike around Trout Lake and the afternoon’s challenge trek to Sepulchre’s summit, we traveled through Yellowstone’s Lamar Valley. We knew this place well. At least, we knew it when it wore the colors of fall. But this was May, and it was far less familiar. Gone were the frayed grasses waving {Continue Reading}Read More »
  • Why Do We Keep Going?

    Why Do We Keep Going?

    My husband and I set off into the woods at a brisker than usual clip. Sooner than I hoped, the trail made good on its short-but-steep reputation. After a short lag, my steps slowed because there was no way I could keep that pace at that grade all the way to the top. We’d tried {Continue Reading}Read More »
  • Sometimes It’s Not What We Think It Is

    Sometimes It’s Not What We Think It Is

    About a year ago, I spent the morning disc golfing with my husband and our kids. This meant I was out with my family (which I love), on a path through the woods (which I also love but not as much), trying to hit a target with what amounts to a heavy frisbee (which I {Continue Reading}Read More »
  • How to Get Moving Again

    How to Get Moving Again

    “Time to get going,” Dad said as he thumped on the tent I shared with my husband.  Going? I could barely move.  I freed my beleaguered body from my sleeping bag and crawled from our tent out into the morning chill. Stiff and sore from the previous day’s ride, I picked my way across the {Continue Reading}Read More »
  • How to Foster Hope–Any Time of Year

    How to Foster Hope–Any Time of Year

    It was one of the first hikes we took together, my husband and I. It wasn’t long—only a few miles, but one long stretch was steep. The descent wasn’t bad, and the destination—a steel suspension bridge spanning a canyon in the middle of the wilderness—was worth the trip down and even back up. Still, that {Continue Reading}Read More »
  • When is the Best Time to Go to Yellowstone?

    When is the Best Time to Go to Yellowstone?

    When is the best time to go to Yellowstone? I get this question a lot. Here’s the simple answer: Whenever works best for you. While simple is good, you may want something a little more, shall we say, helpful. Here it is: There is no bad time, no wrong time to go to Yellowstone. Every {Continue Reading}Read More »
  • Navigating This Season {whatever it is} By Faith

    Navigating This Season {whatever it is} By Faith

    My legs rebelled at the unfamiliar sensation of sand rearranging itself under my feet. For my family, a typical hike meant packed-dirt paths through deciduous woods in Iowa or evergreen forests out west, not shifting sand in a desert canyon. But here we were, tackling new terrain. We walked along, faces tilted toward the slim {Continue Reading}Read More »
  • Our Steps Matter

    Our Steps Matter

    After clocking out from the early shift at the gift shop, I left the Inn for a long, leisurely stroll through the Upper Geyser Basin. Beginning at Old Faithful, I walked past lesser-known features and family favorites as I made my way to my destination: Morning Glory Pool. I didn’t need to invest any thought {Continue Reading}Read More »