The Road Ahead: September

One Sunday I walked out of church into the late morning sun and noticed a friend’s sweet daughter prancing around near the street. She skipped right over to me when I called to her.  I got down on one knee so that we could see each other’s faces and we talked about the dangers of the street. At the end of our conversation, she looked at me with big eyes and said, “I like your mouth.”

Um, what were we talking about again? Neither of us knew.

Distraction is sneaky that way.

As we enter this season of school and sports and everything else, may we each live free from distraction, free to keep our eyes on the most important things, and free to take our road with purpose and determination in the knowledge of who made us and why we are here.

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12 thoughts on “The Road Ahead: September

  1. mamabirddanielle says:

    Ummmm, would that have been my daughter perchance???? I seem to remember this story but can’t recall if it was her or someone else.

  2. sarahgirl3 says:

    Distractions are everywhere. Our girls have been in school for 6 weeks, and the amount of paper they bring home each day is mind boggling! I can’t let it distract me from their homework 😉

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