The Wonder of Winter

There is a time for everything.

I know this. I believe it. The thing is, when a sliver of life overwhelms me, I forget it.

I tend to operate on the assumption that whatever is going on in my life–good or bad, joy or sorrow–will last forever. The seasons, especially as they change, remind me that this is not true. Seasons give me hope. They prompt me to take stock and be grateful. These are the silver linings, the small wonders, the little comforts that have contributed to my sanity in this season of cold, of short days and long nights.

  1. Snow. Just snow. It makes it so much easier to endure the cold.
  2. Darkness. A blanket of comfort.
  3. The fox who regularly treks across our frozen pond, occasionally diving below the snow.
  4. Wood burning in our stove. (And the men who provide it.)
  5. Indoor hot dog and marshmallow roasts. Just for fun.
  6. Sunshine. Especially after long strings of grey and gloomy days.
  7. Snow days. Every single one of them. They were gifts of unexpected time, even–or maybe especially–the ones that pried my grasping fingers off of the Very Important Things that the snow interrupted.
  8. Bananagrams. We play after lunch, after dinner, or when it just seems like a good idea to circle the wagons for a few minutes of lighthearted together time.
  9. Homemade marshmallows. This recipe is simple and delicious. Also, molten when roasted: consume with care.
  10. Crockpot Chicken Wild Rice Soup. So much more manageable to make a quick roux at dinner-time than to begin anything at that weary time of day.
  11. Birdsong. I heard it on Sunday morning, an unmistakable reminder that spring will come.

What comforts or wonders or silver linings has winter brought your way?

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15 thoughts on “The Wonder of Winter

  1. mamabirddanielle says:

    A few things:

    First, I pinned that crockpot chicken wild rice soup, and when I went to my board, I discovered that the last thing I’d pinned was a different crockpot chicken wild rice soup. I’ve never made anything with wild rice, so apparently I must try soon.

    Second, I couldn’t agree more with the first small wonder on your list: if it’s cold, I would prefer snow. There’s something about the bright white that does my heart good.

    Third, I really want a wood-burning stove. But you already knew that.


    • Natalie says:

      One thing I learned recently: Don’t let it overcook–it seems to lose it’s flavor. Whatever recipe you use, if you’re a wild rice soup fan, the ability to prepare it in the crock pot makes all the difference for me in actually getting it off the meal plan and onto the table. Happy cooking!

  2. saleslady371s says:

    I love winter, wood burning in the stove, hot coffee and a good book snuggled in a blanket on a cold day and I live in Arizona so the season is short, but still we get a little snow and cold nights.
    God Bless!

  3. jodyo70 says:

    Natalie, I live in the Pacific Northwest and birdsong is my favorite sound this time of year. I like your Bananagrams idea–it’s just my husband and I at home now and a jigsaw puzzle is sitting front and center in our living room, right next to the fireplace.
    The simple things seem to minister to our souls….

    lovely thoughts here–thanks for linking up with The Small Wonder Community.

  4. Lisa notes... says:

    So many silver linings here, Natalie. Today I want to forget about winter and welcome spring–this taste of warmth we’re having at last–but I know winter isn’t finished with me yet, so I need to keep an open mind about the joys found in it. This list helps. 🙂

  5. joycarl0803 says:

    I’m seeing some slowing down, looking around in your last few posts Natalie. So important to take those Godly pauses to soak in the beauty and blessings of life. I’ve been thinking of your challenge to consider small wonders, although I think we skipped over winter this year in Montana. But anyway:
    Watching the sunrise over the snowy landscape to see the amazing sparkly ice crystals atop the snow giving a light show.
    Spinning around to see the gorgeous snow-topped mountains in every direction.
    Warm homemade soup in my favorite oversized mug while watching old Perry Mason episodes.
    Having the sub-zero temps keep me inside to finally catch up with friends around the country that have slipped away because of busyness.
    And, of course, a winter wonderland seminar at Lamar Buffalo Ranch–no more need be said. Bison and wolves and bears, oh my!

    • Natalie says:

      You’re an observant one, friend. I’ve managed to adjust and pull in a little, even in the whirlwind of activity of life with teenagers. We’re in a busy season, a fast one, and I’ve had to retrain myself to slow down in the midst. It didn’t happen overnight. Nothing worthwhile does.

      Your list is lovely. It brought a smile to my face. You’re right–nothing more needs to be said about time spent at a seminar at Lamar Buffalo Ranch.

  6. joanneviola says:

    Natalie, I am grateful to have stopped here this morning. I have been reading Ecclesiastes the last week or so.I am so grateful each season of our lives serves a purpose beyond what we can see or understand. And I am also deeply grateful, seasons change 🙂

  7. Cynthia Swenson says:

    A thankful spirit is so important! I really enjoyed the bison & geysers post…I am so quick to run away & miss so much sometimes, as well! You also mentioned the webcam for Old Faithful & I have enjoyed that so much lately, (thank you!) as well as You Tube videos on Yellowstone. I hope I get get back there at least one time! Love & prayers, in Jesus, Cynthia

    • Natalie says:

      We do miss when we’re quick to run, don’t we? I am so glad that you checked out and enjoy the welcome. It’s fun to be able to experience some of that wonder from afar.

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