Geyser Mist at Sunrise
Bison on Slough Creek Trail
Roosevelt Arch
Bear in Autumn
Sunrise over the Gibbon
Your Yellowstone Guide
Your Yellowstone Guide: Old Faithful

Yes! Send me the beginner’s guide to Mapping Out a Satisfying Yellowstone Experience.

Are you planning a visit to Yellowstone?

Whether it’s a summer vacation, family reunion, or bucket list adventure, you might be feeling a little overwhelmed. You’re not alone. Yellowstone is a big place with wild animals, wild weather, and wild terrain. I’m here to help you work through the overwhelm so you can move forward with confidence.

I’m Natalie. Once upon a time, I lived and worked in Yellowstone. Today I live in the midwest so, every time I visit the park, I have to make a plan–just like you. Forty years and 30 visits to YNP have taught me how to navigate the challenges and complexities of mapping out a satisfying experience. I’d love to help you do the same.

My free Beginner’s Guide to Mapping Out a Satisfying Yellowstone Experience will help you make your plan. I also offer both phone and email guiding packages to help you make your plan better.

Your Yellowstone Guide: Mammoth Hot Springs

Yes! I want to work with Your Yellowstone Guide to make my Yellowstone vacation plan better.

Your Yellowstone Guide at the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone

Field Notes for Planning Your Yellowstone Experience

  • When is the Best Time to Go to Yellowstone?

    When is the Best Time to Go to Yellowstone?

    When is the best time to go to Yellowstone? I get this question a lot. Here’s the simple answer: Whenever works best for you. While simple is good, you may want something a little more, shall we say, helpful. Here it is: There is no bad time, no wrong time to go to Yellowstone. Every {Continue Reading}Read More »
  • Hiking with Kids in Yellowstone

    Hiking with Kids in Yellowstone

    Because each of our children made their first trip to Yellowstone when they were toddlers or younger, we’ve developed some favorites over the years, along with some strategies for keeping everyone motivated and mobile on the trail. Below are some tips for hiking with littles, along with a few of our favorite kid-friendly hikes.  Tips {Continue Reading}Read More »
  • Five Short Hikes in Yellowstone

    Five Short Hikes in Yellowstone

    By temperament, I am hard-pressed to choose a favorite anything. Ask for my favorite food, color, or book and I’ll give you two. Or maybe three. Sometimes more. So here are not one, two, even three favorite short hikes in Yellowstone. Here are my favorite five, all 2.5 miles or less: 5 Short Yellowstone Hikes {Continue Reading}Read More »
  • Yellowstone: Our Family’s 5 Favorite  Picnic Areas

    Yellowstone: Our Family’s 5 Favorite Picnic Areas

    “He’s a good big brother, helping his little sisters like that,” said an older woman as she walked past us on her way to her picnic table.  “Thanks,” my husband and I mumbled in unison. Our kids were playing together—quite happily—along the shore of the Firehole River while we made lunch at a nearby picnic {Continue Reading}Read More »
  • Yellowstone: How to Get There

    Yellowstone: How to Get There

    What’s the best way to get to Yellowstone?  Here’s the simple answer: However you want to. But, with five entrances and the fact that life is never really that simple, here are a few questions (and entrance highlights) to help you sort it out. What is your mode of transportation? Bozeman is the closest airport. {Continue Reading}Read More »